Does the wiki still get updated by O'Pelle

Answers pls


No, currently not.

If anybody is interested in updating it let me know. ?

YES please, me and many players use this wikimany times.

if i can help let me know 

Don’t understand your question.  We had a good person who kept wiki up to date. But he stopped coz he was tired not getting the latest right statistics from troops/spells/towers from flare. 

Now you are asking who is interested.  The only person who should do it, is someone from flare.  It is up to you to give the right info, so that more people has the chance to get interested in playing this game.  You are Constanly nerving everything, the newest conquest update made that lot of people left the game.  

Hopely the new update make not that more people leave the game.

The moment is good chosen : for lot can it be a good new year intention : stopping playing rr2 if the new update is the next disappointed update

Something to think about !


I would perhaps be interested in updating the wiki. It depends on a few things which I’d like to discuss privately. Please message me so we can see if we can arrange this.

@ShadowsGuardian is the one in charge of keeping up with the RR2 Wiki now. I would suggesting sending him a PM

Ok thanks man ?

It’s a me… Mario!


Yup, already answered you @Imanoob31.

Every help is appreciated! :grinning:

Seriously, Flare doesn’t update the Wiki anymore? It is cool ShadowsGuardian volunteered to update it. Thanks ShadowsGuardian!  Seriously Flare, isn’t this something someone at your office should be doing?  Shouldn’t you be paying someone to do this?

Maybe a small gem payment for Shadows’s hard work? :slight_smile:  

Flare have never work on this wiki. All the job was made by Opelle himself and others player around. So no credit to Flare here. Like OR we have ask for a real Wiki but they have ignored this request and probably will never do it. That why Opelle have quit. No cooperation from them. So now ShadowsGuardian is in charge and upgrade the wiki. Thank to him to be volunteer for this