Does this make a difference in Blacksmith? Pictures inc

I haven’t seen anyone talk about it. The green/red parts that show the success/failure aspect obviously move around when you choose a different perk but the arrow stays the same. Is this to encourage people to choose different perks each time so people can just upgrade the same perk over and over or does it not make a difference? I cant help but wonder why they make the red/green bit move around if there isn’t a reason for it.

P.s I use blacksmith solely on boredom

It’s more to indicate “where you start” to upgrade. Don’t ask me why but it doesn’t make a problem though. Maybe the only thing that you can think is “if i selected the other perk maybe was successfully upgraded” but it’s only luck and fail.

Personally they did this thing to not look bad start in red zone… instead the green zone makes the desire to try the fortune =)