Does uncompleted watch tower have active guardian?

If I attack a watch tower that is being built with no players in it do I have to fight the tower guardian or isn’t he active until the tower is finished? 

Yes generals and leader can assign one as the tower guard even when it’s unfinished

And what of no players are there? Do we still have to fight it? 

I would think not, it’d be like entering a blank territory in Risk

Don’t assume please if sure then tell us. 


As written in FAQ… a tower guard can defend it’s watchtower anytime and from anywhere in the map. He doesn’t need to be at the tower. However other players need to go to that tile to join in the war.

SURE thing, hulk. See what I did there :stuck_out_tongue:  

Yeah, I wasn’t really giving an answer, just an observation

He needs non of the assumptions or obervations. What he needs is a clean and straight answer. 

Yes, you still fight against that tower guard, even if it’s empty the guard is there. 

I can confirm this in 40 minutes 

This tower guardian did appear there like faq said 

Nope…tower guard was appointed to that WT. He moved on. But when u attack that WT he should be able to defend. So if u didn’t see him defeding means he was asleep due to different time zone or simple was offline…so could not attack u back.