Does your phone get hot while playing?



I noticed something on my phone that it gets really hot while playing only RR2. I have iPhone 6S so I am sure the issue isn’t about the phone but anyone is facing such issues?


Also the game is draining the battery in an incredible way. like 30 mins of playing would consume 100% battery maybe

This happens to me too, I have a Nokia Lumia 625, it’s sad. When I put it back on my pocket I can feel my leg burning, also as you say, battery doesn’t last anything if I play this game for 1 or 2 hours…

shouldn’t use so much pyromancers…

i can’t tell for sure if the phone gets really hot while playing rr2, but i’m sure that many wives and girlfriends out there do get really hot if someone play too long…

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test with frozen

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My Lumia 950 phone and Surface tablet get also hot.

Think the reason is the constant information flow over the WiFi when playing online games. There are worse situations, for example when using online GPS programs like Waze. This make the phone so hot, you can prepare a pancake on it’s screen…

Isa, iPhones heat less than other phones and consumes less battery. Think you have a dying battery there or a bad Wifi/Cellular data connection at your location.