DOMINION is looking for active players

Hi all,


I’m Manny. I’m the leader of the DOMINION. We’re a good and active alliance. Currently we have 33/38 members Once ranked in the Top 100 alliances.

We have lost a lot of great players due to inactive members. We recruited new members just to find out that their inactive too. It’s hard and very frustrating for an alliance especially during war time to loose 5 to 6 players due to their inactivity. Either because we had to remove them or they just left. 

So needless to say we didn’t do very well in the last 2 wars. We were defeated by alliances not because they were better, no we lost because we were simply outnumbered. We managed to score 84 k in skulls with 32 members. But it wasn’t enough.

So i wonder if there are still players out there who are willing to fight and have some loyalty and integrity.

If you are a king level 80 and up,

you are willing and able to score 2500 + in skulls,

you can donate 100 k on a daily base,

then come and see us we gladly take you in and give you a new home.

we speak german/english,

we offer barrier/cannon boost 24/7

power archers are boosted most of the time.

we would like to do more but due to our low numbers our resources are limited.


thanks for your attention, were looking forward to have you with us.