Donat in the alliance

What determines the amount of Donat? I want to throw 4 million of gold in the coffers of the 750 crystals. But there is only the possibility of 2 million for 500. How do I increase the donations?

spend more and lvl Uranus in short.


Seems the higher your Uranus is the more your cap to donate via gems is raised.  BUT to reach the cap you have to donate, Thus after you spend so much money donateing 2million it will raise to 4 million as long as your Uranus is leveled up.  I am not sure on the exact lvl or how much it takes to get bumped up.

I’d like to know what the exact requirements are to be able to get the 2M and 4M donation options as well. It doesn’t seem to be available to everybody, and there aren’t any clear description as to how to get them.

Dvelopers, hei!

Answer please

Need a level 8 alliance hall to donate 4 mil I believe


Bumping thread hoping for some clarification