Donate items idea

Just an idea,the ability to donate items to other players in alliance.

How many of us have awesome items useless to us and melted on blacksmith events that our alliances could use?

We can donate pro tickets this way,why not items also?

Simple answer, flare wqnts you to spend cash for getting these items by yourself. Plus… How about players forging items to skull gear, adding very high percentage to it and then give it away? 

It’s not going to be implemented for sure. Many others suggested exactly the same, even with markets to sell those items.

I fail to see how flare profits from items from uber chests won in game for example?

Item exchanged/donated can be limited to the player level it fits only.Wouldn’t it increase game progress and interest?

Perked items passed on,how shocking! I am sure many of those pearls Flare profit from.