Donating crystals to Alliance.

If members were able donate crystals to alliance such as 5k, 10k, 15k or any amount . It would be easy for alliances to get any pro beast easily. 

On the total crystals , the alliance Leader can decide which beast to buy or number of pro pals for the alliance.

Example- A Phoebe beast of level 1 costs 20000 * 25 = 500000 crystals.

So once the alliance gets 500000 crystals the leader can get the Phoebe beast.


Interesting idea, but you said yourself why this idea won’t work. The reason Pro beasts are so good is because they are hard to get. If you could donate crystals to the alliance and decide which beast to get, that wouldn’t be very fair. The way you can make sure your alliance gets the beast the Leader wants, is to have the Leader tell all members to save crystals and Buy and Donate Phoebes (or whatever pro pal you want to be your beast) to the alliance. I like the strategy that we have right now. This also helps with communication between alliance members

This would create the same problem as the ticket donations.

BAD idea !!!

…even the lamest alliance members will get C.Phoebe!!! …which means pretty much every castle will get C.Phoebe making raids SUCH a Pain!!!

C.Phoebe is kind of ruining RR2 , every castle aims to put her as a defending primal beast, it just makes all other beasts obsolete!!! and kills all effort the RR2 creative team has put to make all these other AWESOME pets.

I m surprised FG hasn t nerfed C.Phoebe so far or boosted the other pets as well, like giving them a second pet skill. FG could at least make some pets stronger or weaker against each other. This would allow players to form a strategy when they raid a castle with a specific primal beast and would like to have a selection of beasts rather than just upgrade C.Phoebe

I believe FG gave the option to see which primal beast is defending a castle for a reason…right???  

I kind of like the idea of donation of pro crystals in alliances, we could be like " Okay we have 200k crystals we will unlock this beast now"…

But the main problem with this is “Phoebe”… Its a little too overpowered and bcz middle level players have a hard time beating it, it has been the beast of half the game, there r other pro pals also, like eris, janus, or ceres, but i have till now only met a janus beast till now, after all these years, the problem with this would be, every alliance will focus on getting phoebe only and that is why we dont see other pals…

Ask urself, how many times have u faced the other pro beasts?? [I haven’t, not more than once]


It is the best plan for me who wants to have a Nemesis Beast.
But crystal donations can be catastrophic if they are not strictly managed.

There is a risk of being exchanged for another.

Worst idea

1.Easy to be exploited

2.Everyone will have Phoebe. everyone complain of Phoebe be too much OP so imagine 2 seconds if a feature like this is added into the game.

3.The number of players is already critical. if Flare add a feature like this its RR2 dead instantly. The number of low player that will leave the game gonna be horrible

4.You don’t want to make top alliance even more hard. Same at level 100 you will struggle to win because every alliance will have maxed Phoebe. People complain level 1-3 are really hard to beat. Imagine 2 seconds if everyone can have Phoebe maxed at level 10 plus Alliance Beast Boost at +20% 

and so on…

there is so much reason why this idea is really a worst idea.