Donating Gems to my Alliance

Other members of my alliance are able to donate gems. I only have the options of donating gold and purchasing gold. Why is this @CaptainMorgan?

My rank is CAPTAIN.

I’ve never spent money to buy gems.


You need to buy something before you can gem donate. It can be as cheap as the daily gen pack

That’s a shame. It would be nice to be able to donate gems to my alliance without needing to spend $$$ on the game. :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s an anti exploit feature. The daily gem pack is very cheap and a good value

I don’t get what you mean by “anti-exploit feature”. Could you explain please? 

You get thousands of gems for free at the start of the game. If you could donate them to an alliance right away there would be nothing stopping alliances from making armies of clones to fund all their blessings and upgrades. 

That makes sense. When I started early this year, I got 500 gems early on. Has the amount of gems you received changed? BTW, what’s the cost to extend celestial boosts by seven days right from the start? Could people use all their free gems to extend their celestial boosts?

I think you get more now, and you get a bunch for quests right away. There’s a lot of gems in the early game. 

Land you used to be able to put a couple years worth of Celestial boost on right away, but I believe they just changed it so you can’t.