Donating Pro tickets

I really can’t believe there isn’t a post about this yet.  However, I can’t find an answer for it anywhere…

Can someone let me know why I can no longer donate a pro ticket to anyone in my alliance?  What do you have to do in order to donate?  I can see the tickets flashing where I can donate.  I cannot give them to the other players.

This totally cuts off the legs of a new Alliance.  It only will help the top alliances and Flare.  All of those alliances buy into the game all of the time.  Even with multiple accounts, those people are still paying money to get tickets from you.  Probably more.  5 tickets…enough to make it through a little over a month is $38 right now.  Odds are that person is going to do the smarter move and buy $100 worth of a FAKE currency.  A person with that many accounts is going to stop buying tickets.  You are punishing people that are just starting.

How do u donate tickets…which are PAID for by ME…no matter who ME is…to other members in your alliance that do not have the money to spend?  I use my tickets as they are needed.  I give them away as needed.  

A lot of my alliance does this…some people are better at pro than others—you donate to those that are good.  Those that are dedicated.

This game is becoming more and more money driven.  You have loyal players that have been here for literally years.  Spent more than they want to think about.  You are making us think.  

Conquest and now this junk.  I have watched people throw $100’s ofdollars at you.  If not a thousand…in a month to be a hero in the alliance.  We are small.  Multiple accounts to help us build.  Slacking off on them more and more…If was out do not stop this, you have talked several of us out of pro.

BTW, pro should mean the best.  Not just those that are willing to PAY for the best.

I liked this game because it wasn’t like clash of clans.  I liked it because it wasn’t a money grab for everyone.  Flare made it equal.  You could still help people below you if you spent some money.  You could help build.  Telling our alliance to not spend another dime besides what they have given you already.  Not things are staraigtened out.


Ah, that’s where you’re wrong.

Flare has announced the reason and several people have already complained about it.

For example, here’s a pretty big post about someone from a pretty important alliance:

Here is one post from Madlen, answering the exact same question:

Oh… and here is the official announcement:


Damn, this one was trickier to find!