Donating resources

It would be very helpfull if leader and generals could claim the resources from the players if they ar full…now a lot of players forget or just don 't donate…even if we keep sending messages in the chat, sticky or personal.

Not even to mention the players that won’t leave the stronghold and therfore don’t donate as well…in conquest we do need these resources very hard…so please implement something to get to them more easy.

Would be nice that icon on front screen that it is used for collecting bread, gold, pearls is doing the same for conquest resources.

These players are leeches. Do not let them do this to you (unless, ofc, they have a valid justification).

Kick them out before the end of the current Conquest. This way they won’t get the rewards they didn’t work for.

If you don’t, this will be a source of frustration to you. It’s not worth it.

Hi there :),

Since this is a feature request, I will move this to the idea & feature request section :slight_smile: