how come some players from my clan can donate 5200k for 750 gems , but I can only do 2600k for 500 gems … I wanna donate the same like them 5200k for 750 :slight_smile:  


You need to increase the level of your Alliance Hall of Uranus in order to be able to donate more. :grinning:

But what is it have to do with donating with gems? 


The higher level is your Alliance Hall of Uranus, the more gold you can donate via gems donation (so a higher gems donation :grinning:

I see I see :slight_smile:  thank you :slight_smile:  

My alliance of uranus hall is level 8 and The only option for extra donation is to pay $2.99 for 1,000K gold. Wondering why I don’t have gold for gem as a donation option?

You have it , just press donate , and then there is a gold symbol on the right side , press on that 

This is what shows on mine. My alliance members are puzzled too. 


Then u have to upgrade ur Hall of Uranus 


In order to unlock the gems donation, you need to actually purchase gems at least once.