Donation bug

There seems to be a bug with cursed item quests and donation amounts.  I had a cursed chest quest to donate 750,000 gold to my alliance.  After my first donation I still needed 425,000 gold even though I have a donation amount of 422,500 gold.  This means I’ll need 3 days to open the chest instead of 2 (or a gem donation).


Can this please be looked at?


Thank you.

Same here, after donating twice(with 30% donation bonus) I still need 100K to unlock the chest.

ya it’s still ignoring the bonus unfortunately

This issue will be fixed in the next game update (not server update), coming soon.

Thanks.  Only just noticed someone already posted this bug.  Apologies for the duplicate.

Can this be looked at again please?  It has been going on for too long not to be fixed by now.  Thanks.

@Madlen @CaptainMorgan said he will fix this bug with next severs update and it is already been a month since then.


Hi there,

We will look into it.

Thank you! 


Why did you not answer for the other bug? The tartar-invo one? @Madlen

Our QA is looking at the bug forum. :slight_smile:


Quality Assurance :slight_smile: