Donation for gems

Hello ! I just wanted to start topic for clarifying one thing. I checked for the same question but did not found any.

When I had donation 500k I usually spent gems for donation. The rate is 750 gems for 4m gold (I’m not including tax bonus).

I assumed it’s like 7 refresh and 8th with 50% off. Also no gold wasting. But now when I got 750k the rate is the same. So don’t see the point of wasting 750 gems for 4m donation if refreshing it 7 times would be much more . 750 000*7 = 5 250 000 . I think the gems donation should be reconsidered and amount total to be increased?  Or maybe my guess about gems donation is incorrect…

I’m not English native speaker so sorry if you think it’s hard to understand  :slight_smile:

very true and great observation! The issue with the refresh is that you use gold from your chamber. Other than that I suppose it’s cheaper gem wise.

Very interesting observation :slight_smile:

Thank you Shemyaza and mss73.

I believe soon can be the event which is very helpful for alliances “Alliance party” and I’m keeping my gems to make a good donation for my Alliance. But as I calculated above right now it doesn’t make sense to do donation  and event can not be good to people who have max level alliance tower and who willing to  spend gem for donation. 

Aether as I see you’re the connection here between Flaregames and users, so could you please clarify this question to me. Personally I consider rate right now as a “bug” and would report it, but before would be glad if you help me in understanding it.

P.s. I understand that not many people have right now donation rate 750k but it is still a problem.

Great observation. I don’t really spend any gems on donations though. But this must hv skipped developers mind. And they should act on it quickly(this really is the first topic that I hv seen where op wants to spend more gems!) :slight_smile:

I think it’s better to open post about this “issue” in the “bugs & problem” . Thanks for understanding and happy new year ! :slight_smile: