Donation of resources still 2 days to refill.

I did my donation during the conquest and noticed that it still has a 2 days cool down period, before I can send new resources to alliance conquest buildings.

If I remember well, those times also should be adapted. Actually they aren’t. I think this needs adaption, during 8 days we could donate resources at least 3-4 times, now just 2-3 times. 

edit: Even energy regeneration is still 45 energy per hour. 

Is this intended or not? 


I think the cool down of resources will be a serious problem.

While for example research and building watchtowers did speed up, refilling the alliance resources have a timeout of 2 days.

I think a lot of teams will run out of resources pretty fast. For troops it doesn’t matter that much, but for wisdom and stone it really matters. 

We went from 8 days back to 5 days conquest. According to me then resource donation should be adapted accordingly. Before we could donate once every 48 hours, so now we should be able to donate every 30 hours (48/8 => 6; 6*5=>30). 

One of team members also pointed this out? Was this intended?

Madlen, can you deliver this to developers …

I already have, waiting for a reply.

Hi there,

Okay, I have talked to the developers. Basically, since we have reduced the costs of wisdom and stone, this should not be a problem the 2 day donation time should not be a problem,  but of course, we always appreciate your feedback on it :slight_smile:

In summary: The movement costs were reduced to 63% of the previous movement costs. Players cannot donate more since the movement power costs, as well as the war power costs, were adjusted to the shortened time.

But again, we appreciate your feedback on this! :slight_smile:

So if we reduce the costs, why not also reduce the capacity and time for donation by the same amounts to make the conquest just ‘feel’ more fast paced? This would in turn match the entire pacing to all the other changes. I understand we can donate early by spending gems to get the same effect, but most free to play players will cause complaint. How about we just cut the production/capacity in half and make donations available every 24 hours to encourage players to actually check in on their conquest daily, instead? Just my two cents.

This is definitely an issue if you see the need to decrease everything you should decrease EVERYTHING.

totally agree

That is indeed our situation now, ran almost out of wisdom, players refill the stock, we use wisdom again and players are in cool down.

Research indeed costs less, but since time to research also did decrease, we run out of resources during the 2 day cool down. After those two days once again some possible research, but then even longer the problem till day 4. Since then the conquest almost is over, research won’t do any good.

That’s why donation also should have lower cool down. To avoid those periods of drying up the resource well.  

75000 for research? Dnt think they reduce it.


If you check the wisdom costs I think they actually went up! In the top tier the cost for researches is like 66,000 wisdom. I do not understand such insane numbers. Everything else seems okay costs except for this. It’s like 3-5x too expensive, like it doesn’t even make sense.

I can confirm this, wisdom really is a problem. 

As soon as we talk about wisdom and research, costs really seem to be way too high. We can store 80k wisdom in total in our alliance university (next level 100k). Here our research tree so far, plus the costs at layer 200.


  • Defense modifier -> 12800
  • Upgrade speed -> 25800
  • Cooldown (Heroes) -> 8400
  • Defense Rating (Troops) -> 25200
  • Movement energy Costs -> 15120
  • Energy costs: Movement -> 22000

Makes a total cost of 108,720 of wisdom in less than a day. Cheapest next research possible costs 20160.  We can spend way more wisdom in a period of 2 days than we ever can donate without having to spend gems (even when all members would have max alchemist laboratory).  

Please check times for those researches on the picture I gave. Less than 5 hours to do those remaining researches and costs will be around 80k. Even with max player conquest buildings, we can donate wisdom and still we will run out of resources before 2 days cool down are completed. And after that research, the research tree is not even close to being halfway and players once again are in a cool down. 

Members of course donate wisdom, but with this speed of research usage by research, pretty fast all wisdom has been used, while all members still are in cool down for a long period. So only conclusion is that research costs are way too steep. Members should be able to refill the used wisdom, without needing to waste gems.  

Hello, Thanks for the more in-depth insight, I will forward it to the devs.

It makes no sense to have shorter conquest but not shorter cool down to donate resources. Now we can only donate wisdom twice during conquest (once right after the start, and second time two days later - a third time could be done, but then conquest is almost over, so no use to research more on the last day).

so now everyone has spend tons of gems on their personal buildings to just donate twice? 

Hi there,

We are open to looking into this. We have a poll open currently, you can check it here :slight_smile:


This won’t change anything. We would have 20% more resources (if everybody donates on time) but we will gain these 20% extra only shortly (less than 12h) before the conquest ends. That suggestion is good on the paper but not in the real game and it won’t change anything.

Edit: And it’s not good that you locked the thread since most players will think that it’s a fair offer though it won’t change the problem itself. If you hadn’t locked it, we would still be able to point this out.

You mean just like you do here? There are 3 threads where you can discuss about this :slight_smile:

Edit: So to make it clear. :slight_smile: Because there is already Dena’s thread, in which this topic is being discussed (and the discussion thread for the new version update and the force update) I felt there is not a need to open one more thread about the topic. I am reading this thread here and the two discussions threads as well, so every feedback is welcome :slight_smile: The decision to have the poll only as a poll should not make you feel like you were excluded from a discussion, but just to avoid that a fourth thread about the topic is opened :slight_smile:

Ok guys, I ran some calculations to see which option seems best.

First, some explanation on my numbers:

  • I have 2 different “alliances” - both are in 3rd conquest tier, both have 63 players but one has 1200 average wisdom donating players (Alliance “Strong”)and the other one only 700 wisdom per player (alliance “Average”) (on a 2 day cycle)
  • I took the actual cost for all the technologies but this won’t matter when you see my results.
  • No donation gaps are assumed (Will never happen in reality)

Here is the actual plot for a 2 day cycle:

When you sum up the donated wisdom, you come up with 227k for Strong and 132k for Average.

1 day cycle:

When you some up donated wisdom, you come up with 186k for Strong and 110 k for Average.


So why is that so? Let me elaborate this:

While for the first four days, the donations are the same (on ideal conditions; in real conditions 2 day donation cycle results in shorter donation gaps), the donation in a 2 day cycle will be higher on the 4th day (75k) than during 1 day cycle (36.5k) because the 2nd day of 1 day cycle won’t be reached. Hence we will have less resources with 1 day cycle oder even 12 h cycle.

Madlen, as you can see in the plots, even an alliance with players who donate 1200 wisdom will only be able to research 13 out of 39 technologies in 3rd highest tier. If you take the wisdom cost, it would even reduce to 20 %  of all technologies. Even if you had a university, it would only bring you 50k wisdom closer. That’s ridiciously low. We should be able to research at least 30 % as “Average”, 50 % as “Max” and +10% with university. Most players would even call this too less.