Donation of resources still 2 days to refill.

So first donation must be 100%. Hey, you already had full personal resources at beginning?

Sure. Here’s the table, if you want to see my assumptions:


Why we should have a pourcentage first? For me make no sense. I don’t know its like if I play a RTS game and must wait to be full before start to construct my base. you see the non sense. Why we can not just give resources at any moment? Like tavern and farm (we can collect them same with just 1). for me will make more sense. in conquest we need all resources whatever the number is same if its just 10 from each members. So for me Conquest resources should be free


Wow, so much time spent making these formulas and tables. And I thought this game was made to get away from math and all that other stuff known as “school” or “work” :wink:

Just its very annoying to wait the resources be full before send them. Each time I enter in the game the general ask : " Remember to send stone,wisdoms and troops’’ i really want to send what I have right now but cannot. So frustrating

Its ok its the last days of Pompous, they need the money) this conguest is very expensive and i think its a new feature.

lets see what will be

What is making this Conquest more expensive to you than previous Conquests?


ps: In the last Conquest (the 3rd one) I remember there was a Sanctuary (worth 30 or 50 points) surrounded by water and mountains. The only way to reach it was with a lvl3 Tower, which was very very expensive (over 100€ in gems to build it). I haven’t seen anything like that in this Conquest.

Everyone on the map foing only level 4 towers?? 100 usd each?

Oh wow

Flare is loving it. :wink:

Conquest has become way too expensive, we calculate one of our enemies has spent about ~300,000 gems this war, and they might finish third (probably second).

On the voting.

It it’s a 1 day cycle, alliance storage should be increased by 50%, 12 hour cycle, 100%, otherwise alliance are losing storage capacity all up and conquest gets even more crazily expensive.

It is now completely pay2win, if you pay for all the technology upgrades, you’re impossible to beat (we had a 4v1 attack on a being built tower, fully trooped up, which was 95% supreme victory to the 1 tower guard).

For sure they should change

i vote to have 3 tech trees, and everyone can chose ONLY one. Attack, defence, may be something else.

and like 6-9 hours between them. 

I actually like this, can specialize into trees of things like offense, defense, energy/movement. Choose to be a juggernaut, stalwart defenders, or use guerrilla hit and run tactics. Rather than, y’know, having everything because you paid gems for it.

The conquest values should be set so that a team of 65 people with level 8 buildings rarely needs to use gems for any resources, then it comes down to battlefield tactics and ability to win battles.


Hi there,

I have put this idea in the idea& feature request section, would be great to get the input from more people.


Gets a bit confusing to see a Donation Cycle Vote survey but having to search for a different topic to comment because it’s locked. And they are not even mirrowed topics.

If lower the donation cycle = lower the storage capacity, that also means the costs would have to be lowered, because storages would no longer have 60k wisdom for one single research, for example.

So, in the end, changing the donation cycle will not change anything about the lack of resources, because that will depend on the adjustments the devs will make to the prices according to the new storages capacities.

Also, when we don’t have enough resources,
would it change from “we have to wait 2 days” to “we have to wait 12 hours” to do what we want, or would it be “we have to send resources 4 times and still wait 2 days to do that”?

This thread was there first. I had opened the survey afterwards. Since the people can comment on the donation of resources here, I didn’t want to create another thread about this topic. But I am reading this thread here as well, so it shouldn’t mean I am excluding people from a conversation.