Donation on Androide To Clan

I can’t make a proper topic, cause Flare won’t let me.
On android I can’t make donation when the a clan benefit from it at all.
This is the second time this happened. I am a general at Lords of the lords.
Once my girlfriend goes to here clan on the same device she can donate to here clan.
For me this allays happen when a clan get a benefit from a donation from big players.
This is typical flare updates, and does not benefit players in a bigger clan.
When I go to my gaming pc with windows 10 it works.
What is the problem FLARE???

Hi Nobody,
There you made a topic :slight_smile: Let me know if you need further assistance around the forums.

Could you please let me know your in-game name and the in-game name of your girlfriend? If you feel uncomfortable sharing it here, you can also write me a PM.
Thank you!