Donation reminder button

How hard would it have really been to make the donation button flash red when it is time to donate? We have asked for this forever! As leader it gets very old reminding people to DONATE! Most just do not see the gradual blinking… It cannot be that hard to make it flash red when time to donate? Please… add this a part of ongoing updates? 

teach members to read from the tower of the alliance, when you can pay in, a ‘yellow line’ appears above the tower.

Would be nice.

Nope, just keep your eyes open or keep an alarm on your watch, simple as that

I know when I donated last time, so I try to remember that. It works most times, but sometimes it doesn’t. To miss a donation sometimes is no problem, but it shouldn’t mean not to donate at all for several days. Donation comes first, then upgrades.

The alliance button already flashes when it’s time to donante.

Trust me: if anyone doesn’t donante on time is because they don’t care. They rather have a eternal flashing alliance button than donate.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t even bother to raid enough gold to meet that donation amount. Or even worse, they don’t login everyday to play…

Not necessary and probably useless. Its close impossible to forget to donate at the right time

1.Your Alliance Emblem flash you can’t miss it honestly

2.Your Alliance Tower (I don’t remember exactly) but the tower do something you can’t miss it

3.You can check also the Alliance donation page and see the green arrow its not there

so many way to know its time to donate. Really hard to miss it honestly

Like the daily rewards its your responsability to check when you have donate the last time. to return and donate at the same time

However that cannot hurt if Flare add a notification who said : Your donation is ready! time to donate

The flashing is already so annoying that even if I WANTED to miss a donation I couldn’t get myself to do it