Donation through 900 gems

Donation through gem i.e. spending 900 gems to donate 8M+Tax is now obsolete. As we can see that if we have max AT, we donate 16.1M incl. Tax @ 19% with 9 donations of 100 gems each… Gathering 13.5M (1.5M x 9) is not a big deal. Whereas if we go through the direct 900 gems donation, we can donate only 9.52M incl. Tax @ 19%. So we do not agree to the prevailing numbers and subsequently want a revision. 900 gems direct donation should be atleast 14-15M. Kindly revise the rates. To be exact, 14.27M atleast (@ 88.88% of total of separate donation vs direct donation as in previous version of it compared to 10M + Tax @ 19%). Thnx.

Yes, but the gold you donate through skipping with gems is substracted from your own gold from treasure chamber. Whereas, the 900 gems direct donation will not reduce your saved gold. 

Donating through 900 gems only has 2 advanatgs: you don’t need to have the gold in bank, and it is visible to other players. except that, I agree it is totally obsolete. These values were set up when max AT was 1M donation I think, then it was acceptable, but now clearly it is a waste of gems if you don’t have a lot of them to spend on this… usually it was updated at each new AT level, but it was not with the latest ones…