Donation Tokes don't seem to be working

I seem to be having a problem and I can non longer find the button to start a ticket with the game.

I bought the 3 donation tokens in the last festival and played one. It says 3 donations a day which is 1 every 8 hours, but I’m not getting to make donations every 8 hours.

It’s been at least 12 hours since my last donation and I still can’t make another.

Next time I make a donation I’ll write down the time to see if I’m even getting more than 1 per day.

Anyone else having this problem?

And can someone tell me how to start a ticket for tech support?

You can donate three times in a row on that same day, not every 8 hours.


Thanks Dena. After I made a donation it put a check like normal, I didn’t know I could donate again while the check was there.

I finally was able to make the extra donations. Thanks again