Donation warriors between alliances

Hello! I open this topic to suggest Instant Transfer warriors of an alliance to another (1, 2 or 3 max = With cost or not Gold)

Reason: Most alliances have a smaller alliance we call access to the main alliance.

What happens? In times of war is wars that already begin lost because the war is against much stronger alliances! Even with commitment of all and using champion aid and shield defeat is inevitable!

So many of our warriors go to the guild access to help in the war! problem is that these warriors can only attack 48 hours after entering the alliance!

With this donation warriors between alliances will already help a lot, will make the game more competitive and is an additional option for improvement.

Well that’s it! I found productive idea.

Not so productive, in top gaming the insta-transference of just one player can change completely the result of a war.

i do not understand ?

I also see a problem with this, it will be abused.

A lot of times 1st ranked and 2nd ranked depends on what 3rd ranked mine be doing. What is to stop some one  in 2nd the last day loaning 3 players to 3rd ranked team that’s is attacking 1st rank.

i don’t understand