Donation timing. I have no problem with only being able to donate every 24hours. It would be nice if the donation period wasn’t depended on the time of day you made your last donation but on the date.

Example-lets say you donate at 6am. It works out fine because it is before you head out for work/school. But Sat. You sleep in till 10am so now your donation can’t be made till 10am at the earliest. Come Monday (unless you play on a phone) you can’t make your donation till you get home in the evening.

Problem-The time you can donate is constantly changing.

Solution- im not a programmer but can’t it be set that you can donate anytime during a 24 hour period without it being dependent on the time of your last donation. Just make it 12pm to 12am based on the date 1 donation anytime during that day.

An excellent idea, hope they put it into consideration.

i agree

I don’t think this is as easy to set up as you are thinking. royal revolt 2 has become a very international game and that would involve many time zones. how is the game going to determine your time zone? if its based on your gaming device people could easily change their time zone to be constantly donating.


rr2 could try and create a universal time for everyone but then some people would be able to donate seemingly twice a day if the theoretical midnight was at a reasonable time during the day for them



SOLUTION for your problem: donate every 24hours in the evening… why do you HAVE to do it in morning before work?

The game could remember when the tower was upgraded and use that as the donation trigger.

Yes, I agree time zones would be a problem. But perhaps they could set it up for a time zone of their choice and lock it into that. The whole point would be to make it not based on a specific time that could change all of the time on a person but on a date/day

Yes, they give you your own 24 hour time period but from my own experience it can be frustrating when you get on and have to keep remembering what your new time to donate is. I find I forget to give and then the time period gets push further into the nite.

If you could donate any time according to the date then as soon as you can get on you could donate. No matter what the time is. But like I said I’m not a programmer so perhaps this is just not possible for some of the reasons that have been stated.

It’s a good idea, having a set time that it resets would be easier I think on the servers as well. Will pass this on and see if anything happens

i think that there should be an option with which you can select to auto donate

if treasure chamber and taverns have enough gold it will be deducted and if not then whatever amount there is will be deducted and will be donated

isnt it a nice idea friends?

Auto upgrading would be nice… Unless someone is working towards an upgrade. Then it could really mess someone up.

Well, NOW I’m waiting for the first one to suggest auto playing. That would really save us all a lot of time if we didn’t have to do all this raids… :wink:


as always im anti-nerf/buff about any effect that doesn’t need to be.

some of the update effects cannot be provin effective untill the change goes global.

if there is an unbalance, yeah change it. if not, leave it alone and adapt.


this is a stratigy game and it isnt easy planning out a game plan when the game is changed once a month to satisfy people that

want the game to be easy. flare will make it nice and easy for you but the result is going to be bordum.


you want fair? lets talk about fair.

how about the players that spend money for a primeum version of the game only to have what they put there hard earn down to get.

(only to have the very thing they perchase made irrelivant the next nerf/buff)

or worse still…the player that doesnt have infinate disposable income and grinds out his place on the leaderboard. he prolly stayed up late nights slashing gates for his gold. the next day the tower he busted his azz to max is cheaper in time or loot.


I prolly sound like a broke record at this point but gimmie a break, people!


anyways…lolz as for the topic at hand…


I vote leave donations amounts and times as is.

there is a stratigic choice to be made by Alliance leader. spend loot on upgrading Alliance to further enhance boost levels and get more seats OR use the loot on any imediate elite boost the Alliance has unlocked. the leader will play the game and deside.

dont like how your alliance is spending your donations? leave. there are thousands of alliances to choose from.

if youur looking for a democratic Alliance they are out there (kinda) but thats not really how monarchys work.


WARNING: you are now about to play a stratigy game! lolz


p.s. there will be no diva letter from me when you nurf the dungens, flare. (even thou i spent a lot of gems down there)

I should know better by now. as should you all.


happy hunting



I would rather have a fixed 24 hr window to make donations than to have the timer reset (to 24 hr) everytime you make a donation. As other poster have mentioned it’s impossible to get it right on time all the time so it’s usually get pushed later and later. And eventually you’ll miss a whole day.


And I’ve played a game that uses a fixed 24 hr window based on tokyo local time (so no one can abuse the time zone and it’s much easier for the programmer) It reset I think around 4 in the morning but I don’t care as I always have time to make the donation within the window. (they have 2 days “probation” period so you can’t abuse alliance hopping.)


I don’t understand why changing donation timing is a nerf or how you can even strategize with it. It probably make a miniscule difference in term of strategy

I am now coming up to loosing a day for donating because I couldn’t get on to hit that moving target. My time keeps getting pushed farther and farther into the day. I started out donating at 6am, now I’m pushing 10pm. Due to sleep needs Im sure that will get pushed into the next day. It took only a couple of weeks to loose a day and that I’m sure will get to be two days and so on and so forth…

In the big realm of things is this the end of the world -no- it is just a game. It would be nice if it was fixed.

I agree a fixed time frame would be desirable. Lately, I missed like 2 donations in 1 week due to shifting donation times. That is making me rather sad… :slightly_frowning_face:


A fixed 24h window for each donation / day would a) not buff/nerf anything and not change the maximum donation amount per day/week/whatever,



Another easy solution for the shifting time would be to reduce the cooldown to 23 hours.

This would give one hour to donate without pushing the timeframe further back AND it would probably one of the easiest things to change. Besides that, this one hour shouldn’t really hurt Flare…

Well that would actually mean one could donate more often, while it wouldn’t solve the problem of “I have to log in (almost) immediatly when the cooldown is over to avoid delaying some donations”.


And while it may be easy, a fixed timeframe of 24h based on UTC time (or compared against UTC, to avoid local timezone manipulations) in some way wouldn’t be that hard to implement either. The game requires internet connection, and can easily ask the server “what UTC time is it”, and that’s it mostly.