Found a new alliance.

There is no alliance lvl55+ that is rank 100 above unless they are a lot of jumpers in their u want to join this kind of alliance? And chances very high is u will lose war every season if u are short of players.if u want,u can join me after the alliance lvl 53 and we upgrade every war season.if u interested u can add me at ign:meng77. We can have a private talk.or u can see alliance and recruitment section under the alliance name kingsdragon.tq

me :

alliance level : 20 

rank: 1042

chat: only English

IGN : Darren795

Alliance name : [DARK KNIGHTS]

Me : Titanka10 (level 92)

Alliance Level : 27 (we upgrade after each war season)

rank : 450-500 (changes as players are kicked/joined)

Chat : Main language english although we have fluent players in Hindi, Dutch, French, Italian and many languages around the globe.

Team : Allegiant

-i know our team might be too small for you but we are giving you an option if you want to try out our alliance :slight_smile: we are a group of loyal players who are going on an adventure for our goal to be among the top 100 alliances.

Alliance Name: Predators

Alliance level: 37 (Upgrading to 39 before the next season)

Rank : under 200

Language: English

I am the leader of the clan. I know you might be searching for a bigger alliance than this. But in case you may want to look at our members or experience the atmosphere, you are always welcome to walk in. Very active, fun and one of the better alliances.

My IGN: King Evil Bert


hey hello, my king’s name is flamer0

we have a big family of alliances that might suit you:

us vs them is around rank 50, lv 59 for a relaxed experience

arabic revolt rank 10, lv61 for a more hardcore battle

we can talk in game to see where you want to go, of course there is always the chance to move up and down between the 2 alliances

what is the name of the alliance