whats your IGN

Hi, William. I know a team that has enough spots for your 15 players. The alliance is called Castle Crushers1 (yes, with the 1). They’re a level 43 alliance and right now they have 16 free spots and they’d like a merge too, If you’re interested, you can contact their leader BadAss Magee or my friend Rosshug  :slight_smile:  

Thank you guys for replying.


so did you pick who alliance you’r going to choose


Not yet, We will not merger till after war just want to see what out there. We are looking for a bigger alliance. When we join I like the alliance to have 40 members.


well forget it.

I got 3 ally for all lvl 1: lvl80+  Join rising warriors (lvl54 going to lvl 55)  2:rising warriorZ lvl 28 but I can lvl it up easy 10m per day donation for lvl under 80 3: for new player low lvl RW 3 mini let me know if u want to merge with us :slight_smile:  my IGN:

Thank you for replying to the post I’m talking to our leadership now.


Obviously he was replying to Fire1964.

i’m not dum i know who he is replying to

It’s “dumb” not dum. :grinning:

i know




lol, Ok, O.K. and okay are all acceptable spelling of the word.

I was just joking with you Darren.

okay i know i’m still not dumb