Donkey Aura


I think this board should be renamed to Pals, Beasts and Guardians.

Now, my questions is, Donkey has an Aura - but what? There is no information about this.


Yes, you are correct, I will rename it!

And secondly - the symbol in-game stands for battle cry aura.


Speaking of which, Madlen, You have all those neat Icons in the game, but no actual ‘Legend’ in the game itself that would list them all, describe and be easily-accessible at a moment’s notice, without having to wisit the Royal Revolt wiki.

Hint: yes, that’s a nod at you to implement such a glossary of icons and terms in the game, so that people could easily check it when in doubt or confused.


I also don’t find such a legend in wiki :slightly_frowning_face:

Wish I had a nickel for every time I wondered what an icon means! Quit my job and retire could I, and change my name to Yoda…


You’re giving us a nice idea for a new page in the Wikia…

I’ll investigate and maybe tell something later :stuck_out_tongue:

I made that proposal myself as well haha, it needs to be checked for feasibility :grinning:

If we put it in the game, I will let you know.


Hint: Yes, this is a nod back at you.

Nod noted and accepted!