donkey conquest bug - fyi

max ally building upgrade is 3 days

yet the buildings take 2days normally?

Did you mean 1 day?

Hey whatsa,

The upgrade time at max level for the alliance buildings in the Stronghold is not 2 or 3 days normally. The upgrade times are:

  • Alliance Headquarters at level 9 = 4 days (upgrade time); level 10 = 5 days (upgrade time)
  • Stone Depot at level 10 = 4 days (upgrade time)
  • Builders’ Quarters at level 10 = 4 days (upgrade time)
  • Troop Quarters at level 10 = 4 days (upgrade time)
  • University at level 10 = 4 days (upgrade time)


Hello Sasch,

I think Whatsa meant player conquest buildings need max 2 days to upgrade. Indeed, alliance stronghold buildings need more time. Is there also a discount for player conquest buildings? Would be interesting if there also is a discount.