Donkey feedback (Royal Guardians)


Thoughts? Discussion about his abilities? Let’s collect it in this thread here :slight_smile:



i like the fast running with the donkey & the battlecry , this are nice features

i dislike the special carrot rush, it does for me to less damage (donkey lvl4)


Donkey is a great guardian. It is very powerfull and I like it a lot.


My only complaint is the amount needed to reach max level. Give us a donkey festival ?


Too much OP for low and mid level. For base level 100+ depend if you got weak base or not. Maybe too much fast. You can reach the gate before the Beast destroy your tent. I don’t know maybe too much OP. Will see later


Donkey is the best royal guardian, due to having such a high speed, invulnerability (it’s a guardian thing after all) and the battlecry aura.

I don’t know if this was intended or not, but all this into a “common” guardian is an overkill.

I like it, but thanks to this, spikes or even jesters are useless now.

Reduce the donkey appearance time by around 2 seconds, or maybe even reduce his speed by 1.00 and somehow make spikes slow him (and other guardians too of course) by at least 20% instead of 0.

As I said before, he’s really cool. But… Not so cool when everyone beats our base like taking candy of a child…


PS:Being able to use it by only waiting 10 seconds right after a raid starts… Seems quite the cheat to avoid strong initial waves :grinning:


Donkey is the 2nd best Guardian, behind Gaspar. Very important for rushing to the gate. Love this guy so much, he’s a life saver!





yes donkey is best for me with what I have so far,fast running & the battlecry,also rush to gate useful !


Yeah, he great. I mainly use him when I am trapped and am going to die (mainly with frost traps and snake towers). He also conserves your health while you fight the beast.

Don’t have Gasper yet, so Donkey is still the best for me, he seems to be the Nidhogg of Guardians.


What does that mean?


Before the festival that had Nidhogg in it, it was nearly impossible to find him in chests. Very few people had him. It’s the same case with Gasper, he is very rare.


That’s not why I said it, and Fritz is better than Nidhogg. Also, I have all of the regular pals.


Great pal, he is the face of Royal Guardian after all, he is not as offensive like other guardian so you might loose a crown because you missed some spike and un reachable tower. Not doing well agains supper healing and defenaive base since you would need power more than speed to fight them.


I guess Donkey is really one of the best Guardians. Everything seems almost perfect except thatvI would like its Ability Range of Battlecry to be 4.0 which I think can make it better.