Donkey -- the only guardian you need

As I’m calling out first, that donkey is the most powerful guardian, here’s a video to show you how you can score 100% at war with donkey without scroll.




Who needs any other guardian when donkey can get you that 100% even in war? ?

What level? 


Level 1 donkey.


Now imagine how much easier it would be when I level it up ?

Nothing against your video Lacuna, it was great, but that video to me seemed like the Donkey didn’t do much and all it showed was how OP Ceres+Pal Flute is

You’ll get persecuted if they nerf Ceres and Pal Flute because of your comment hahahahahahahaha


On a more serious note, the Donkey did a LOT at level 1, by giving start morale at the start when I use it, giving me my stone dragon much earlier, and it allows me to speed run toward the gate after I killed the beast, so that I can start hitting the gate tower earlier before my units caught up with me.


These 2 extra things is A LOT for just a level 1 guardian.


Of course, it takes a bit to practise using war gear to get 100% without scroll, using donkey… but hey, it’s doable.

Yeah, I understand now. I just played with the Donkey, really fun!!

Ok donkey is good. But if you see the rarity its enchanted and so is trusty. As the patch notes says there are guardians of higher rarity. Just imagine what legendary and pro guardians can do  :stuck_out_tongue:

Rarity means nothing. I mean, Nemesis is rare and very expensive… =D

What do you mean by rare 

Very nice video.

I was more impressed with the lack of shield than the donkey, since you only used it twice (right at the start to get the dragon faster and at the end).

It was usefull, for sure.