Don't add Daylight Savings Time to the Chests

As much as I hate it in real life, I hate it even more in the game! Why is this in the game? Why move back the arrival of the daily chest one hour? That one hour is very annoying, and, although it doesn’t do much, some people may forget to collect it

You are finding new and interesting things to complain about :slight_smile:  They aren’t going to spend resources on this, especially since DST already happened in the US and is not even observed in certain areas.

Well they should! It makes no sense to move the chest back one hour!

Afaik, they don’t Add DST to the chests otherwise there wouldn’t be a difference of 1 hour. If they would consider DST than wouldn’t it mean that there is no difference?

E.g. Festivals always end 2pm or 1pm (german time) depending on DST or no DST. By adding DST wouldn’t the Time be a constant, because they are adapting the game time to your lo al time. Therefore DST has never been used. 

Or am I getting it wrong?

My Chest moves from 7PM my time to 8PM after DST

it changed because time changed in your area due to daylight savings, in game it stayed the same as it was.

We will take a look into this, thanks for forwarding :slight_smile: