Dont be shy to share info developers!

Royal revolt 2 users are still unaware of what is level 7 of elite frosters and how many fiefdoms do they require? Max elite pyro requires how mnay fiefdoms? Level 3 elite mummy spawns how mnag knights at how mnay fiefdoms? We still are blank in Info about the game, though wiki does a lot of work( Special thanks to opelle) , we still aren’t aware of mmay things, why don’t deva share some info? I suggest flare should create a website which will give us all the info about troops,spell, towers and traps, Gears and Blacksmith, coming updates sneak peek etc, this will help us a lot to know more about the game

I asked many time too but they are always occupied  :slightly_frowning_face:

Its time they should listen to us


Don’t hold your breath on that … unless there is any finance attached to it, they go selectively deaf.