Don't eliminate alliances with less then 8 players from war

It’s a new habit of alliances who have no chance to win the war and want to loose fiefdoms. All but a few members will be kicked or leave the alliance. The alliance is eliminated from war an the fiefdoms will be randomly redistributed. So you can loose the war in the first minutes of the season, if your hardest opponents get the additional fiefdoms. Or you can loose the war in the last minutes also.

Please find a better solution. I will quote a suggestion from a different thread:

The easiest solution would be to leave the alliance in place and just take away the possibility for members to attack (and set the skulls to zero). So you can beat them no matter what and the fiefdoms won’t be randomly redistributed.

Although you must give a different solution for alliances that cease to exists. But in this rare cases (only with very small alliances) the old solution would be fine.


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Perhaps an option of not going to war at all should be implemented …there are some that would rather not go to war…alliances can kick members to get below the allotted number of members for a war…NOT every one wants to go to war…IMHO I believe war to be an option not some thing shoved down your throat!!!

Not a good idea. If your alliance doesn’t want to participate then just don’t fight. Where is the problem.

I don’t have a problem with alliances choosing to drop because the terrible matchmaking means days of losing trophies/gold. Instead Flare should just make those fiefdoms blank spots that no one can attack. If alliances with members lower than 8 do not leave the season then they must still get the option to fight in war.

Yes they could make those fiefdoms spots that nobody can attack but consider that immediately those “available fiefdoms” become “inactive fiefdoms” because the other alliances dropped down, you are locked at right/left for example from these various blank fiefdoms where you can’t continue your war because you can’t attack what there is on the other side of the map =/ (assuming that you have already gained most fiefdoms on your side). So you have to find another solution for this.

@Phage Why would you loose gold if you don’t fight? A few trophies, so what. You will have 3 wars and then you are out. 

well they could make them free spaces that you take without fighting but you choose “occupy” rather than “declare war” and you can be attacked immediately. It means you get a fief but give up your chance to attack that day.

I would like to get an answer from the developers. The war seasons are totally broken. 

i see many war season groups face huge problems due to this , already saw in facebook Les Francis and les carthes teams gained 18 fiefs in the last season which might categorise them against very tough teams for next 5 seasons because of unequal matchmaking based on no of fiefdoms . For my team too ( us vs them ) 3 teams in our group dumped 4 fiefdoms on us and other teams in our group.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Also i see the dumping of fiefs happen mostly in the war of (“arbalasters doomgate and dracomancers”) war season which means most teams are unhappy with these set of elite war boosts and dont want that so they try to dump fief to face a easier season in which elite boosts of ("gargoyle nest , dragofrosters and mummy) gets rewarded. This dumping can actually stop if the both sets of war boosts are made equally good , for most people only like these 3 war boosts ( 1)gargoyle nest (2) dragofrosters and (3) frenzy frost arbalasters. maybe input a new kind of war boost removing doom gate which can be much more usefull to teams and they dont drop it . 

Developers may look into it and make both the war seasons more interesting and stop this fief dropping strategies just by changing the rewards for war seasons more balanced and usefull to teams.

Yes, this would help. But I don’t think this would stop all this dropping strategies. If they don’t have the chance to get the desired boost (not all 6 boosts can’t be good boosts) or to get any boost at all, alliances will drop out. As long as number of fiefdoms is an important factor for matchmaking.

Nothing could be made more important than number of fiefdom for matchmaking. can u think of any other perspective that can have more importance? No there cant be . but yes the wars can be made much more balanced than it is now , that will need to have a very good insight about the teams for the grouping but thats tough because we are concerned about 1 team(our respective teams) , they are concerned about all teams.

You misunderstood me. Matchmaking by fiefdoms is (or better was) the right way. I fear the new system (adding strength and activity?! to the calculation) is a failure.

But this is offtopic.

Nope, the actual system is better, only for fiefs opens a lot of holes for alliances to trick the system and have easy wars…

trick stay here


But for most mid and low - level alliances, they would not get on their map (loser) alliance with 5, 10 or even 20 more members!