Everybody please start a vote session,that we don’t want timeline to open a chest,its our lookout when we want to open them.



Spare our magic chest with your evil plan!!!

Totally agree. Chests should not have a lifetime.

I completely agree too.

Ather,please consider,our request,its up to us whether we want to open war chest or not.

My +1 for no time limit.

Why change a winning team. It works now so why change it? Especially when we all like it.

If some player managed to get to a ammount that bugged out can’t we just get a limit of like 100 or 150 chests atleast

+1 No to Expiring Chests! It’s a chest… Chests don’t expire =_="

+1 for no expiration.  


If there is one, please give existing chests a long lifetime we can actually use them - perhaps 3+ months.  Having over 160 chests, it would likely take months to spend them given the 7-10 day time per upgrade I would use them on.

+3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286 xD



If flare listens to it’s user they will get rid of the timeline.




Maximum number to 100: ok

Time limit for chests that are given to all alliance players: ok


But war chests should be consequent rewards for players.

If players cannot save them for later this will discourage war participation (which means gems spending for you FlareGames :grinning:



Hoarding chests has become the best feature of the game.


But I understand flare, money from gems for shields has decreased :slight_smile:

Still ass-hole-y of them.



Without reading about it on the forum, my chests would probably all have expired in the next few weeks without me even knowing about the new expiring “feature” or having logged in at all… 

this wont work, flare do as they want and one of the things they want is not listen to players .this game is a milk cow for the time it has left.

+1 Really disappointed about that.

Hey guys, I am just curious, what do you do with the stocked chests? Just stock them as you get them, or you have stocked only legendary? Just asking as I have always opened mine as I either needed food or vouchers to buy food for the war. Now I was considering to stock the epic and legendary ones, as those tend to have nicer contents.   



yup … at-least not on the chests earned during war…