Don't have new enemy!


I fight mischreibert1967 8-10 time in 1 hour. And I push “new enemy” button not change new enemy. Can fix this?


Thank you.


Nick in game: Tin1187.

because everyone is online…

Why is the gold magically increasing? If you have max chamber then its suppose to be zero?

100 person on top 100 online anytime except him :slight_smile:


Gold increase because I’m use button new enemy pay 2550 gold once use :slight_smile:

I use new enemy button all the time. It doesn’t increase that fast.

have you considered you’re in top10? Match making will obviously not give you top100-50 players. Top10 means your enemy pool is limited to maybe top20 players. Maybe* but most probably is.

Because everyone in your pool is online* that can be a reason why.

You don’t use too much like me :slight_smile:


I have a few friend in top 20, and they offline but I not see them :slight_smile:


Probably nothing :slight_smile:

What? I don’t like you? I just tried to give a possible answer to your problem. Top10 then smaller pool? I’m not sure what you understood In my post

there is a CURSE in top 10, u can only match make with top 10 players



Lol what he understands from that is that you don’t like him

This could have various reasons. First of all, you are in the Top10. So other players are very likely online a lot. This makes it difficult for the system to find suitable opponents for you. Please wait a little bit to see if the situation changes. If it doesn’t, please contact us again.

Thank you all ^^

This isn’t a new problem, Miscrieber and I have both posted about this several times. Match maker always gets stuck on 1-2 peeps no matter how many times you click next. And no it’s not because all other players in top 10 are online, cuz I’m able to manually attack several others.

I have this issue in top 100, only 2-5 players cycle via matchmaker only, the system broke about a couple of weeks ago.