Doom boosted cannons! What to do?

I’m having some real difficulties when i spot in a heavily boosted cannon based defence base. Any suggestion? I tried using piromancer but they die really quickly.

I use my Bladestorm lvl 7 against Elite Cannons and they suffer pretty well by it, probably a max bladestorm can kill them even more quickly.

In combination with boosted arblaster Bladestorm should not work to kill cannons. Better is to combine 2 spells when they will be a huge group, I think. You can use Blizzard + Swordrain or Blizzard + Hammerstrike or Swordrain + Hammerstrike. Or you attack them with your own units when they are in range for Archer or Arbs. When you like stun - just use this against huge Arb-cannon-group to let finish your troops them.

Try this site out:


But Bladestorm (Normal damage) and Firestorm (Fire damage) will do the most damage as that is the cannon’s weak spot (does + 100% more damage).


I second oPelle.



Oh. The boost on cannons makes them shoot really fast. Try Frosters instead of Pyromancers. Will reverse their attack speed. If they are not effective, upgrade them. They work wonders in many raid situations.

I find the best strategy against storm cannons is too simply ignore them. don’t let them catch you or your troops from across path overlap


wait till you are in same path as them and just use a spell

I think you didn’t faced inverted U base whichfirst two waves are attacking on you at the same time from two opposite these type of base you can’t ignore cannons.max level storm cannons are extremely dangerous in these type of bases.even decent level boosted archers can’t cross few path tiles from the tent because they kill archers and other units so fast by firing rapidly.

> Wait until your morale is at max

> Spam units

> Scream

> Keep spamming units

> Now you have an army of units.

I find that the weakest thing about boosted cannons, is that they can each only attack one units at a time. Without any sort of AoE damage, there’s no penalty to building up a huge army.

Also, try Boosted Knights. Fire Damage, Normal Damage, and they make the cannons waste a lot of damage. Especially when combined with Shield, which just gives you like 20 Shields that the cannons have to eat through.

@rock619 in the inverted U base like yours I still use same strategy. spawning nothing but mummies until im out of the chokepoint. leaving the towers and going for only obstacles and troops


this works extremely effective


not to mention boosted arblasters clean up storm cannons real nice, I was just assuming you were looking for a non boosted answer :stuck_out_tongue:


PS: storm cannons are not what makes the inverted U path challenging… instead its a few well placed range bombers


PPS: very disappointed you cant beat my base with all those elite boosts when im not using any :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome! and ya that’s because I have no elite boosts right now. haven’t had em for around 11 days


try my base after the war starts and I have elite boosts


I actually pull around 4200 trophies with boosts even though my base is incredibly easy


PS: ive even been in the top 1000 a few times now


Mentre li danneggi con tempesta di lame devi raggiungerli… il problema è quando ce ne sono troppi assieme in un chokepoint!


Bladestorm has a very short range, before you can hurt them you must REACH them… the problem is when they’re packed together in a “little” huge army of cannons in a different lane! (TONS of hp)

I use tactic of Elite knights + Shield to protect me in that chokepoint, and when i that chokepoint in the other side most of time i cast my bladestorm and they die all in few seconds also elite knights help me on killing them since cannons suffer fire and normal damage, elite knights are set up good for them.