[DOOM GATE] Bad mother shut yo mouth!

So the new Elite Boost is the DOOM GATE!  A.K.A. Elite boosted castle gate.


Personally this is the most exciting announcement  next to Alliance Wars and were getting them at the same time.


They made the announcement on FB but I posted the pic here.




I wanna hear everyone theory’s on this!!


What we know: Health is increased, and some sort of blunt damage is added.



My thoughts: Gargoyles are included in the picture so the blunt damage will most likely take the form of gargoyles.


I also think the castle gate will act like a tower. It will have a range and I feel it will be like a mix between the skull and gargoyle tower…  Instead of shooting bombs like skull tower it will pour bombs similar to the gargoyle tower.



EDIT: Someone on facebook said the arrows it already shoots will be an individual gargoyle. instead









RR2Share (2).jpg

Also a shout out to Jason W who makes vids on youtube about all the RR2 announcements… Wouldnt have known about this for a few days otherwise.

I have a few crazy theories on this. 


  1. Some quantity of gargoyles are introduced into the castle guard (each wave) depending on the boosted level of the gate.  This functions as a bonus to wave morale.
  2. When approached, a trigger releases gargoyles from the gate, either in a batch, or at some interval defined by boost.
  3. There is fire pictured, so I wonder if there is a “firestorm” effect from the gate that would counteract prevalence of cannons whooping the gate upon arrival.


Interested to hear other thoughts!

Ah thanks I try to cover everything as it happens for you guys!


The towers shooting out gargoyles is a nice/neat idea cause if the gate just auto spawns gargs that might be a little too much lol. Although, I would imagine the new Sonic blast and new bladestorm spell levels could probably kill gargs before they explode and thus making do no damage if you have that spell off Cool down. The only way I don’t see gargs dying in one hit is if we get a new level of gargs in the update as well.


PS I really hope the castle gate has that burning effect on it when it is elite boosted! 

I just hope this doesn’t make it impossible to bring down the gate without scrolls.



I’m sure cannons will always be strong against castle gate…


But a max Elite Castle Gate will definitely take a good amount of troops…

I hope it to not shoot individual gargoyles and if it Is shooting also,they should not be of level 4,because those bad boys are really dangerous.

I think Elite Boost Gate will have over 100k health… impressive…

The current max level gate already kills the king pretty quickly (even if you have e.g. max lvl heal with you) if you try to solo the gate…


I remember yesterday, I was running to the gate with full king hp (no wave troops were there at that time) and cast a sonic blast + blizzard onto the gate and a tower next to the gate. One or two seconds later, I activated my max lvl heal spell, and ran to the other side of the gate to attack another tower… about 5-10 seconds later, my king was already dead just from the gate’s arrows (still no wave troops there)… and my king is lvl 87 now with decent legendary gear, so he’s not that weak… 


Imagining the gate gets a hitpoints increase similar to the other boosts, somewhere in the range of +75% to +150%, this gate will be far beyond 100k hitpoints. And with the extra blunt damage (probably at least +50% as well), I guess the gate will be completely un-solo-able… such a gate would likely kill your hero quicker than you can run in, cast a spell and retreat again lol…

Uh, interesting ! With Elite Gate coming in, i think you must go to destroy it with all your units, because i don’t think also that gargoyles will leave you pass, and also i don’t think it will be so easy if you will find 4 towers (2 at left and 2 at right) and maybe just adding over 100k of health for the castle gate, + all enemy waves that go out ! It’s totally crazy ! It will be a total massacre ! 


So i think, alone, you’re going to meet death.


Knowing that castle gate level 16 has 850 of piercing damage against a max arrow tower (only 271) it’s x3 more powerful and piercing damage we can call it instant shot because it’s not like other type of damage that kill you slowly (poison, fire, etc) but it’s immediately, so no chance to avoid.

Also if they added blunt damage to it, that probably is related to the gargoyle damage, it’s still more difficult !

Let’s see how it’ll work !

obviously elite gate is designed to kill Rambo style