Doom Gate rework

Doom Gate seems to be the most useless War Boost among all the available boosts. Sometimes, in certain situations, it is better to even NOT have it activated. That’s how bad it is.


Here’s how it should be reworked so that it can be a boost that will be sought after.


Instead of a barrage of bombs, it deals 52,000 damage in the gate area ONCE, where damage is shared equally among all enemy in that area. If the King goes in with 51 other units,  that each unit and the King only suffer 1,000 damage equally. If he goes in with 9 other units, each unit and the King suffer 5,200 damage equally. If the king rushes in alone, he takes the full damage of 52,000. The animation can be a blast of fire coming out from the ground (just like Jester Box), and it has no delay (Thus, the King cannot just go in and out to avoid the damage). The “spell” that is casted can be named “Hell Fire”, since, it is “Doom Gate” after all. The King that gets killed by Hell Fire gets incinerated without a trace, and cannot be revived with a “potion” (that’s what the revive icon looks like).



  1. Having this Doom Gate will then actually punish raiders for “reaching the gate with few troops”, and certainly act as a counter measure for Kings who rush in without units. This means the only way to counter it is to have a decent amount of units at the gate before going in.


  1. This will FINALLY give a reason to have the “health perk” on king, to increase the chance of not getting “one shot” by the Hell Fire. (For example, a King may summon insta monk at the Gate before going in, and when he does, he and the insta monk will take 26,000 damage each. This will STILL kill the King if the King is max level but does not have at LEAST one health perk on his gear. (That’s why 52,000 damage is an important number, not just hypothetical).