Double Range Elite Boost for the Useless Firebolt Towers

I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for this, but I want to ask for:

A double range elite boost for the useless firebolt towers!


*Sure, I have 3 in my current base, but the higher and higher levels of game play the firebolt does become more and more useless. (Sorry, that’s a fact!)  It’s very rare to see more then 3 in a high level base!

**Yes, I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for asking for anything from the conservatives.

***Before Nithin Vs suggests the elite superman tower, I want to say if it’s a new tower I’m all for it.

Nice. I think that they are still useful in certain layouts but would be great to get a range boost.

Even triple range does nothing to fire bolt tower coz of the weakness,it only shoot a target not doing area damage,that’s why high lol base don’t use it



Give me triple range Firebolt Towers, and they would be the only thing in my base.  You wouldn’t stand a chance.  Literally all 19 towers would be hitting you all the time!  There’s no surviving that!

Looks interesting these Double range Firebolt Tower, although their damage will remain still slow, maybe starting before to shoot troops all they can regain in damage.

Are u sure that with triple range,19towers will be hitting me at the same time?whats ur path length?2.9 long distance,not 29?haha

But nothing seems impossible,even the ogre portal they can think of,haha

Don’t know what will be next,run out of idea flaregames


Triple range would mean it could fire 3.5 tiles. 

Quickly in my head I can work out an L shaped base where 20 of the 29 tiles are covered by at least 11 towers at all time.

And I can think of a weaker S shaped base 25 of the tiles are covered by 15 towers all the time. 

So yeah, I could probably work it out if I had reason to.

But they can always add Area Damage with Firebolts.


Either change the mechanics or add this feature to the higher level Fbs. 


It could also be a regular single target shooting in between explosive arrows doing Area damage.

Think Ann had more realistic idea.

Flares will not give us any triple range, that’s for sure. But the area damage is a good idea.


Nowadays, Firebolts can deal only with one target. Most raid using boosted knights. It’s useless against big armies.

Well, if we see, the last 3 towers are the most used towers. So having an FB with single target shooting ability just makes its use rather restricted. Adding an area damage ability  in between the regular arrows can be an interesting phenomenon. The power of area damage and the frequency of the special arrow (the one doing the area damage) increases with tower upgrades.

Firebolts, by the way, are not the longest range towers as it might be concluded from the raw data.

Since the firebolt is located deeper and away from the path, it’s range is actually shortened. The bomb tower for example will have a longer range.

The firebolts long range is only good at advanced traps.

Yeah, with luck we’ll have a ‘Healthy Knight’ or something rubbish - ‘knight has 1% more health! Yay!!’