Double reward - Is there a gold limit ?

Is anyone here had the double reward offer (video for double gold after a raid) in a hi-paying raid ? I never got an offer on a raid over 300k.

Is there a gold cap on the offer ?

i see you get it also when you fail a raid with high loot

I almost never get this offer.

Maybe like once per 5 days or so :confused:

I try and get many times but the double award doesn’t exceed 600k in total,this I can assure.amount range to 550k in total

From my observations there is a cap at 300k gold, so you get up to 599k after doubling.
If you only raid high loot targets, you will never see the offer :grinning:

That is what I tought. I only get the offer during war since I don’t look at the gold when raiding. Otherwise I have to fight someone under 115K in gold to get an offer because of my current gold bonus.

Its sad, I tought I would be able to have 4M gold raid with that feature. Oh well… :lol:

Yeah, 3 or 4 million gold in one raid would be nice :slight_smile:

Btw. how much gold items do you have by now? I’m at 8/9 after the uber event :wink:
Only need the gold/slowdown weapon, which of course is good on it’s own :grinning:

I’m only at 7 out of 9, but it already gives me a 112% gold bonus, excluding the alliance bonus. Still need the weapon and armor. I think I need to raid about 372K to get one million gold.

The armor is a set combined with the gauntlets: armor is gold/knight hit points and the gauntlets are gold/ knight damage. Good luck in finding it :slight_smile:

I got the golden fleece, it’s indeed a nice one.