Double up workers

I currently have 4 workers that I purchased with gems that I bought and earned. However, now most of the upgrades depends on this being built or that being upgraded. It would be really nice if we could double up workers and that would decrease the amount of time that it takes to finish the upgrade.


Flare would still get their donations by people purchasing workers and people like me who spent a LOT to get workers can now use them all without waiting for upgrades as much.

Yup double workers and halve the time. +1

I like this idea too! 

Twice the workers / half the time on important things!

I suspect people would be buying even more workers if Flare made this an option. 

I currently have 8 workers hammering away 100% of the time!

And I could use another 8 easily!

Well I would be willing to even meet halfway with flare and make it a third less instead of half. I feel like that would really help us and flare. I might would consider buying more workers if they was that much more useful.

I would definitely buy more workers if this existed


Trust me if you stick with the game you’ll have a lot more than 4 very soon.  :slight_smile:

I won’t buy anymore worker, and with double worker, I want to sell my worker


Interesting idea, but I don’t think it would help you very much. Most of your longest upgrades aren’t actually done by workers. Your longest upgrades will eventually be your waves. Your spells will be maxed, your troops will be maxed, your towers will be–well, maybe not max, but mostly. :grinning:

Look, i’d like to have double workers only for my farms  :wink: