Doubts about the tournament

In every tournament so far, I’ve noticed that involved players from different stars, in ie league 1 Star, players participating had 2, 3 and up to 4 stars. Why is this? Another thing I’ve noticed is that suddenly a player won more than a thousand points in the tournament when normally do not earn more than 200 every time. The leagues are slow with the updating the points of the other players? Is there a way to earn much points for the tournament for at once?

I assume by points you mean medals , to earn more medals you need to be in top 1000


here is how the rewards can be earned :


top 1000 - 5% medals boost

top 500 - 10%

top 100 - 25%

top 10 - 50%


Players with more stars can compete in lower league if they were relegated from the higher league , like a 5 stars player who is in the diamond league but then upgrade his/her farm for 5 days so he/she cannot earn medals to keep participating in diamond league and was relegated to platinum league after finishing the diamond league in bottom 3

Exactly that. Except it’s the bottom 6, so actually more than every third player of any diamond league will move down to platinum league each time.

Also, some players deliberately try to get down to “easier” leagues to increase their chances of winning or even setting up a league record.

You know, 6th place in diamond league gets 8 gems for 3 days. If you see no chance of entering the top5, you might instead try to get to places 10-15 and try to win the next platinum league instead of ending up with 8 gems in the diamond league again.


As the stars of a player only say “won that league (or was 2nd/3rd) at least once”, a player keeps his stars even when getting down to earlier leagues again, hence an e.g. 4-star-player might still appear in a silver or bronze league somewhen later.