Downgrade, Nice Facepunch

Felt it at raids, after those new defense level released (2h ago). FG downgrade all troops & spells?!
I’d maxed out all my troops & spells, now they suck all much weaker at raid! Feel I’ve wasted all my time just get this downgrade.
Impossible all random bases I raid just now, suddenly all maxed out. Those new levels were released 2h ago, doesn’t make sense, unless it’s FG doing.
Rebalancing huh?! (a.k.a downgrading). ?
Stop toying us, we’re already tired. I’ve lost many friends at this game, retiring. Given another facepunch like this downgrade, I guarantee more will leave this game.
*downgrade 2 hours ago released

its all spells and troops? its official? Really?

Ok thanks I don’'t have see it. What the hell is this? @Lisa @Pete Explain to us all this mess around. People will not play a game broken like this. Its unplayable

Additional level added to defensive structures. That’s flare their way of balancing. That I need to raid to upgrade 37 structures (towers plus obstacles), fine. But this is no balancing to get rid of gate towers.

Here a more easy way, when a player puts gate towers there, let his gold loss per knocked down gate tower be increased by 50k per tower. And during wars, let each gate tower knocked down cost him a few extra skulls. Then those gate towers will be away in no time. Absurd that every balancing time the only solution is adding extra levels.

Just wait, in a couple of weeks players say defense is OP, then we will get additional levels to spells and/or troops.

I did my raids before I saw that new live update thread. Shocked during raids, all raids won by critical time, wasted more instas now. Even my king now run slower, as if the speed has been cut to half.
Basically all our offense elements have been heavily nerfed. Just wait till next war starts, lots frustrated players will complain here.

Of course it isn’t @Dena4!

In fact, they made it even more OP for those who put towers near the gate! Why? I’ll tell you:

Basilisk: 1 more level (greater HP so it’ll be harder to kill)

SonicBlast and Hammerstrike? No longer giving so much damage to towers

Basically: It will take longer to kill Snakes/Basilisks near the gate.

IMO it’s okay to add new defense levels, but those absurd offense nerfs, killing this game.
Yeah next they’ll add more level for spells & troops, but for now we have to suffer for months before that happens. In the mean time, more players will leave this absurd game.

Basilisk are a pain to destroy same at low level. The majority of time I lose more time and troops to try to defeat it. So I don’t imagine 2 seconds what look like maxed + 1 level and forged at +100

I’m having trouble figuring out how this is belongs in the “Bugs & Problems” subforum. We should make these kinds of topics in General

Because this downgrade is a problem so maybe the reason why this topic is here and not in general

Yeah I thought it was a downgrade. Then actually it’s an official nerfs, that still feels like offense downgrade.
Check out today new press release(1) about this offense nerfs. Seems they really intend to kill us at future wars, will be absolute scroll-a-lot wars. ?
These changes are all based on FTB strength, they think that’s fair for all players? ?
Then FG should pay us thousands gems (weekly/monthly), like they do for FTB, so we’ll have the same strength as FTB (more fair this way, huh)… everyone’ll be like FTB! ?