Dracomancer dragon is blue now

How come dracomancer dragon is now blue in color, though still spitting fire

its a visual bug due to upgrade 3.9.2. dracomancer are blue now and Dragofroster are red. The visual bug collection stack over time and new bug arrive each update. Nothing new

Hey guys,

Thanks for the report. I reported it to the Devs, they are looking into it now and I’ll keep you updated!

Many thanks,


Hilarious! ???

Nobody at Flare playing or testing this game…

Stone Dragon is red! ?

It’s true, the dragon’s colors are swapped right now.

It’s a minor thing, just a visual bug.

Keep it, it’s kinda funny :wink: , Joke. Minor bug, don’t worry guys. As long as you know it’s a fire dragon or forst or stone it’s good :slight_smile:

even ice dragon is red