Dracomancer Speed

I just noticed today that when pyromancers are boosted, their speed increase to 2.00 from 1.73. Was this the same earlier too?

Dracomancer and pyro both have speed of 1.73, it hasn’t changed as far as I know.

Pyromancer gets some stats boosts at max level, range being one, my Dracomancer is at max level and has speed of 2.00


Jack, you must check the speed again. I also noticed it today that their speed is 2.00. That’s a decent amount of increase. Not sure if it happens for dragofrosters too. I think Flare has changed something in the recent updates.

My range is the same.

I will check it today, I always check wikipedia of oPelle and there it still stands at 1.73. Maybe dracomancers are more fast.

Fortunately I have max level now plus dracomancer, so will verify this.


Pyros became very good replacement to Frosters, who were nerfed lately.

Do forge your pyros.

Pyromancers always had a speed of 2.0 since update 2.0 (coincidentally) as far as I know.

Frosters got nerfed? That’s new.

I have level 5 pyromancer (not boosted) with a speed of 1.73. My friend has a pyromancer (boosted) of level 3 with a speed of 2.00

You are right, with introduction of Monk & LT, they became more powerful. The problem was that frosters didn’t deal enough damage to finish a skull tower in liitle time. Pyromancers can finish of LTs & Firebolts in little time.


Sorry about that. I meant Dracomancers.