Dragofrosters and Dragomancers's range should increase their Dragon Power increases and they grow...

Dragofrosters and Dragomancers’s range should increase their Dragon Power increases and they grow…

The honest truth is the Dragons aren’t so much actual useful boosts they are super cool prizes for us nerds!

But if their Range increased as their Dragon Power and size increased it would make them more useful because it would allow them to stand farther from their target making more of a meat shield out of their smaller/closer minions.

Plus it seems realistic.  When they are so large physically they should have a longer reach with their weapons.

I like this idea somehow. You’re right when you say that these boosts are not very useful…


Hug.  We’re agreeing again! 

I found them useful particularly frost dragon. Problem is my alliance hasn’t won them in ages.


Do tell.  I’ve done a little damage with the Fire Dragon, but my raiding has taken a nose dive ever since I got the Frost Dragon!

Your alliance have a lower level dragofroster boost thats why you barely spawn any dragon.At 75 fiefdom you get max level dragon both fire and ice and they are much easier to handle and even overpowered for me personally when used by a good raider.So nothing wrong with them, perfectly balanced.It does feels like they are nerfed a bit after new update though (for max level only) which is a good thing to not make them as strong destroying fully max and boosted base with 50s left.

Yes it’s true long time ago when dragons were introduced you could spawn dragon very easily, now at least for me it’s getting hard spawn only 1. We can’t afford all to have max boosts like have top alliances to get fast dragon power recharge, that’s why they should increase a little it.

I prefer using frosters to raid than pyros so frost dragon


“Perfectly balanced”.  Nothing of what you said said perfectly balanced.  You said they were too weak early on, and then over powered later on.  It was literally the most out of balance description of a unit I’ve ever read.

Frost dragons are very strong units if as Fii says they are being used by a higher level player with max froster, fire dragons although they seen to have been given a bit of a boost of late are pretty well useless in comparison.

Dont say overpowered, if you say that their will be a maintenance tomorrow…

You should take note I said they are now nerfed a bit at top level, so yeah perfectly balanced now

Also, they get dragon power mainly from destroying waves/tower.If you fight weak opponent then they gather power slower.For example fighting a surprise mummy base and ogre base, they spawn faster vs mummy cuz they kill the knights that spawn for more dragon power.Simply spawning them wont help much if your king or your other troops get all the kill :slight_smile:

Whoa, now this sounds weird to me. When dragons were introduced they were exactly the same as now, back then I couldn’t even spawn 1 dragon in the whole raid, not even with a big army of wizards! Guess what? That’s still the same if I try it. Now, maybe we differ because oPelle’s alliance is way higher than mine, this would only mean that Flares still has work to do to balance those boosts on lower levels…

We haven’t had them in 2 wars, but when we did the guys (including myself) were getting 2-4 dragons per raid. The method definitely matters, and some bases are more susceptible to dragons than others.  A heavy bomb/firebolt base will spawn dragons much slower than a heavy garg/skull base.  


So according to your statements they don’t spawn well at low levels and they are nerfed at high levels. 

Even the guy who says they’re effective can’t even type out an argument to defend his point!

Lets just say that you are too stupid to understand the game


You can’t speak so you start calling other people stupid.  Classy. 

Both dragons are great , -1

Both of them should be made permanent.