Dragon animation of dracomancer takes too long time

Dragon animation freezing at times takes like 4 secs arnd wastes a lot of time with 7 8 dragons, game freezes at dragon even when the dragons has not yet ready or created. 


yes it’s time wasting but it’s look so cool ?

After the 5,000th time you see it, the coolness factor atrophies. 

I have same problem

I dont like playing with pyros because this animation is so annoying.

It is a break in the flow of the game, casting spells and troops, etc.

The timer stops, but your spells and morale keep gaining, it’s a free cooldown if you can time it right (having a visible dragon meter for the player to judge this properly would help).

Stone dragons are pretty useless and need to be buffed a good bit against towers and gate, it’s even less effective against units as the other dragons.

Try raid with pal flute and Ceres… you will spawn sometimes 2-3 dragons at the same time and all you see is the time ticking 

I hit this as well today, at the gate with 5 seconds left and about to destroy the gate, paladin turns into dragon and time is up before my units can do the final damage to the gate.  Will log a support ticket.

How many times I saw it I don’t know… My level is 109 hope you make an idea but it’s still cool ? for me ???

The timer does not stop for me, it actually just takes off a second and if the dragon appears behind the hero the hero will start to move backwards because of the sudden jerk of the screen. Can’t stand this. Either make it less violent with no time, or don’t have it

There’s a bug I’ve only seen with Paladins where the time runs as normal, but the animation takes forever, essentially taking 6-10 seconds off the raid.

Usually though, the timer stops, or runs very slowly (like 0.5 second) while the animation happens, but your spells are halfway through cooldown already (implying 5-6 seconds of game time has passed).

The king movement is because you don’t lift your finger in time after the animation starts and before the controls get locked out, so the king slowly moves to the point your finger was (usually near the dragon).  This is annoying and should be fixed as well, by cutting off control, then moving to the animation (with the timer paused as well).

I would like an option to either the animation video or similar text like the beast. With the amount of dragons created by this seaon boost it’s constantly stopping to watch one dragon after another appearing.

I had it near the gate, one dragon attacking the gate and in the last ten seonds two dragon animations while clock ticked forward.(2-3 seconds per dragon). I only won since no additional dragon fortunately showed up. Nice to have continuous dragons, but it’s annoying constantly be interrupted by that video.

I want to raid, not watch same video fragment over and over again.

I pray they will make an option to disable dragon animation.   One of the worst things in the game, although I will admit I also thought it was cool when I first saw it. 

Now, I either get too annoyed at having to see so many animations or fear it will interfere with my raid with the possibility of costing me the raid if they come while I’m approaching the gate low on time. 

For this reason I don’t use pyros as often.  Frosters seem to never produce a dragon, so not noticed with them for me at least. 

I just tested a members base with Ceres plus pyro, ceres copies pyro and as a result I get dragon after dragon. And that is a problem, you try to run forward, but you are drawn backward due to a dragon video. You try to run forward again and less than a second later next dragon animation. At one moment I had that many dragon animations after each other that I needed to stop summoning pyro, otherwise I could not even move forward. 

Instead of that the animation is helpful, it starts to be a huge disadvantage. Hero should never b moved backwards, into an incorrect direction plus being distracted from the raid. We want an option to turn the animation off, we lose precious time by those animations but also the hero us moving in wrong direction. I know a lot of time is invested in that animation, but why not show first dragon as animation and the next ones as a notification text? Developer happy that animation is still shown, we happy that max one animation per raid is displayed.

same here for me. i play with ceres and pyro all time and its really annoying when i see the animation a dozen times. thats waste of time. theoretically we can control the king while animation is picture but not altogether. 

I agree with all the above. The animation is a huge waste of time makes raiding with pyro a disadvantage. 


Same here, I havne’t used pyros in a while but already with paladins and frosters i can get several dragons, and it is a pain, especialy when 2 or more dragons are forming at the same time, or when a dragon is about to spawn, the camera moves, but it takes an adiditional 2-3s to get it…

Remove that animation, or completely freeze the game, including timer, to show it.

Yes, give us the option to turn it off. I actually think I’ve lost raids due to this  :slightly_frowning_face:

I think here we will not be heard until we get away from the topic! Our sweet @GalaMorgane will come right away and close the topic. I wrote in the support on this, because it’s really unbearable to play my favorite combo. (with pyro)