dragon animation

flare can u remove the dragon animation ? we dont want to see when the dragon appears, it waste of time. piro is really strong unit but the animation makes him weak. u can do sth like reminder when the beast left the gate. hope you will fix it. and im sure a lot of people has the same problem. @Archimedes @flaretara @Nikko its task for u :grinning:

many seconds lost because those useless animations…

  • it’s very frustrating that you lose control when the camera returns to your king

We asked it already a lot of times. However they only removed the animation for beast leaving the gate. If I would have an option to turn off that dragon popup video, I bet 95% of the players would turn it off.

King is dragged outside position, spells and valuable seconds are wasted. It’s a good suggestion, I realize there is put a lot of work of a developer in that animation, but after seeing a lot of times such a dragon appear, we can live without that video, stopping everything.