Dragon Bugs

Two bugs (for now:)

  • Dragons are weird colours. My pyromancers spawn blue ice dragons that breathe fire and my unholy paladins spawn fire dragons that breathe stone. By this logic dragofrosters should spawn stone dragons breathing ice? I don’t know, i don’t have them but it gets confusing.
  • When a dragon spawns while pal flute is active, the pal flute duration gets shortened by the amount of time it takes to transform using pal flute. Sometimes the pal doesn’t even have time to use it’s special attack as beast because of this. @FTB
  • Anyone else experiencing these bugs or is it just me? Hope you get them fixed soon. 

Cooldown of spells, scrolls, hero’s scream, insta-troops keep going during the dragon spawn animation. Which i consider cheating the game.  That’s why they should remove the dragon animation, it would solve many problems. Including the shield not casted if dragons spawn.

Absolutely agree.


Why can’t they just keep the animation going without “pausing” the time? If it is happening outside of the player’s view, so be it, don’t have to drag the camera to it.


@FTB appreciate if you could address this issue.



Hello there,

In regards to the dragons being the wrong color, we are aware of it and working on it.

As for the dragon spawn, this has been addressed to the Devs too.

Many thanks,


Problems with dragon spawn are out there since the beginnings of that mechanism.

Check this topic for example  (november of 2015)  https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/7271-dragon-popping-while-hero-scream

Some troubles were reported even 2.5 years ago and the situation is still the same.

Do not get me wrong i am not blaming you its not your fault, but perhaps you can understand it if we have no hopes that your reports to the devs will have any result in this case.


A lot of people (like me) do not use any kind of dragons because the animation is so annoying and it destroys the “flow” of the game and the casting of spells.
Really hope we will finally be heard and get our checkbox to turn the animation off. Do not give up getting on their nerves as long as they are getting on ours. ?

While this may be partially true, I personally think dragons might be underpowered atm, if their spawning animation would not pause raid time while progressing spell cooldowns. At least that is how I felt while using dragons since they introduced the current mechanics (and even before, with the older, more annoying mechanics, when they indeed were more harmful than useful)…

Anyway, while actual bugs like spells not being cast properly should certainly be addressed, I would like to point out that I personally do not mind the general behavior of pausing the game time when a dragon spawnss, if spell effects are properly paused as well and spell cooldowns are not negatively impacted by this (which they currently are not, in general). Seeing where a dragon spawns may be not required in all cases, but sometimes this knowledge (plus, knowing a dragon spawned at all) can come very handy to direct it at particular targets or avoid it prematurely killing the castle gate, especially when scoring 100% is really important, as in dungeons or ninja raids. Plus, for a defensive dragon spawning, that is an event that I as a player am glad to know about when it happens, to minimize damage done to my army.

I can understand if others see it differently, though.