Dragons Questions

Hey, today I was trying Meng77’s open base. When I summoned my pyro dragon it didn’t appeared near my hero bt instead appeared near the next barricade (which war 5-6tiles away) after OHKO barricades it directly attacked the castle gate which was very very far away from my hero (I could see the health of the gate reducing). Is this how the mechanism works? Attacking the nearest obstacles/troops to the hero. Because I thought summoning dragons when there is nothing close by would be a waste.

this is normal and unfortunately you can’t really decide when it pops

also if your king doesn’t make it to the gate in time you will only get a raid even if everything is destroyed…so try and get to the gate before the dragon


Dragon has a range and its damage is not fixed all around its passage; so from the point it starts it will deal the max damage and going ahead the damage will reduce… it’s like when you use sonic blast to make an example clear: you start to do max damage when you are near a tower then as soon as yo run ahead to try to attack other towers it does less damage.

About the spawning point: if you are really far, meanwhile there is the dragon’s animation, it’s better if you stop moving the king (just let go) and wait that the animation finish, it’s not a big issue since time is also slowed down as well as troops so you don’t die.

Moreover when there is nothing around (that is you have already cleared some towers and obstacles and troops), the dragon knows already what hit next, that will be the nearest thing for him (so can be a tower like an obstacle or castle gate).