Drawing Contest

That’s fine, everybody gets that. It’s pulling the whole team off for months and then being secret about it that’s really annoying. I asked in November if the crew was working on another project. Question was ignored. Turns out I was right. People were feeling like the game was abandoned because for 5 months that was pretty much the case.

Honesty and transparency works better and makes people less annoyed. 

Maybe drawing for weapon for the new hero. We can draw everything we want to see into the game : Spear,Axe,Whip,Trident,etc…the winner got his weapon on the new hero

Hi guys,

I am just gonna get a bit more personal now. Personal cap on: Honestly, I can understand the situation was frustrating for you and I would have loved to communicate more but it is also not always in my hands. It is certainly frustrating for a Community Manager as well if there is no new update in a longer time. Especially, since I basically started during that time and then I didn’t get to present many updates :slightly_frowning_face: I can understand that this must have sent mixed feelings too. We always try to share as much as possible as soon as we’re able, but it’s not always possible to tell you what you want to hear. Anyways,  the happier I am now that Captain Morgan will rejoin the forums soon and I will certainly forward him this idea. Would be a nice contest. (personal Cap off)

I know that this was taking this thread a bit off-topic but the thread kind of started with those quotes, so I wanted to say something about it.

Some of my mine, yours and other members’ questions were ignored as well. That’s totally normal. They can’t answer to all questions:


The most transparent approach would have been to inform the community what was going on, and why there hasn’t been resources devoted to the game in the past half year. Because it was obvious, and ignoring it was weird.

Trident animation/moves are similar to spear, and axe is similar to sword, but whip, that could be interesting and new. I like that.

Actually I was pretty disappointed to find out that Odysseus slings his bow across his back and continues fighting with swords (that aren’t equipped).  I actually thought he was going to be a ranged hero.