Dream team?

So I’m still in the process of finding the troops that I want to use in battle. I’m a mid-low level king with 1.7k trophies. ATM I use arbs and mummies with my third troop still changing.I summon the arbs early on and summon the mummies when there is about a minute left. I occasionally use cannons. The problem is that my king is almost always the guy taking all the hits which means that I have to stay back more often than I should and then lose on time. Also arbs are horrible with buildings and I can’t leave them alone with a cannon tower or they lose too much health. I just can’t seem to find anything that works for me. Knights die too easily and a wave of AOE ranged attackers kill them all before I can get to them. Archers are the same as arbs I guess. Palladins are just weird. Ogres are good but they’re too slow and I can’t spawn too many of them at a time because of my not so high leadership. Is there some strategy I’m unaware of or am I not using my troops properly? All help is appreciated :wink:

Everyone has their own raiding skills.i suggest you to master any three unit combo.i am assuming you are not using boost continuously,then I suggest you to try this combination one time:-


Spawn very little airblasters,mostly cannons and frosters.let them do their work,you just need to clear path for them via bladestorm,destroy firebolts with firestorm and kill ranged unit with swordrian.

Again I am just giving a suggestion,you need to build your own strategy.but first try this one;)

I only use the boosts rewarded by the alliance wars. We win almost every war so I have them almost all the time :slight_smile:

That combo works with or without boost.